Dating over 50


With age, a lot of free time appears, and it is especially joyful to share it with loved ones. However, many enter into older age alone - after a divorce or loss of a soulmate. How realistic is it to meet love at 50+ and where to look for dating?

What is Over 50 Dating? 

To find someone at an older age, it is not necessary to seek new people. Meetings of former colleagues or classmates are also a great way to establish contacts anew and expand the circle of communication. Take the initiative, try to arrange such a meeting yourself, call long-time acquaintances and ask them to invite others. Make such meetings regular - constant communication will benefit everyone and help to cope with loneliness. But there is a more efficient and faster way. These are dating websites for over 50.

Did you know that since 2011 the number of Facebook users over the age of 50 has grown by more than 80%! This suggests that the 50+ generation around the world is actively mastering the computer and using the Internet.

Online dating also affected over 50 singles. If a person regularly spends some time online, knows how to use a computer and e-mail, he will have no problem registering on a dating site. This is evidenced by the increased number of queries in search engines. There is a demand for such dating, so their many offers from services too. The main thing is to choose the site you can trust.

A 50 plus dating site for serious relationships offers you reliable dating service for older people. Older people between 50 and 60 years make up 7% of active users of all dating sites. Using the site is very convenient, and in case of any difficulties, a user support service comes to the rescue.

Best Dating Sites for 50+


SilverSingles is one of the best- and best-known dating apps for 50+ in the United States created for dating people fifty years old and older. With over 50,000 new signups per week, SilverSingles can match 3,000 pairs per month.

Their method of finding matches considers the indisputable indicators of the mandatory personality test of each participant. The proposed matches are based on the comparability of the identity of each user.

This makes SilverSingles matchmaking extremely popular, especially for users who are looking for a chance for love. With a successful SilverSingles dating platform, it's never too late for everyone to find someone with whom you can spend the rest of your lives.

Most SilverSingles members come from the United States and are over 50 years old. Most users are divorced or widowed and looking for another chance for love. is a niche dating website released by People Media in 2011. This platform provides men and women over fifty years of age the opportunity to talk and meet other people in their field and beyond. Users can find dialogue friends, dates, long-term relationships, and even marriage partners.

OurTime is part of the huge OurTime Media People Society, which has also set up other dating sites for seniors over 50 - SeniorPeopleMeet and SeniorsMeet. OurTime members will have an opportunity to meet more people. Besides, they will be part of the massive dating network which unites users of several websites. This gives them even more opportunities to meet their desired partners thanks to the expanded membership base.

The Match claims that approximately 40 percent of their members found relationships, as a result of which lasted several months or longer. Their system uses a productive matching method using your desires and preferences, which were placed primarily in the analysis of possible matches.

Membership also allows users to view profiles more thoroughly to get more info. Favorite features of users are live events and their new and efficient Lara chat. Invest in a six-month plan and get a guarantee from Match for a free extension of your membership for another half year, if you do not find a match to the end of your subscription.

Match's online interfaces and app interfaces are easy to understand, and their daily Five Match emails help make a perfect connection. People over 50 appreciate low prices for the best service and new Lara chat box, allowing a stay in touch with ease. As an extra prize, Match gives a free six-month extension to users who have not yet found a compatible match.

Zoosk Seniors

Zoosk Seniors is growing rapidly to become the best choice among dating sites for people over 50 for several reasons. In the world, there are 35 million registered Zoosk users, whose audience is 50+ singles and who are looking for a serious and long relationship. This website is fascinating and simple for use, with a regular platform and registration procedure. After registration, you will immediately see a batch of profiles that correspond to the properties that you are looking for in a partner.

One of the best features of Zoosk Seniors is that they use behavioral comparison procedures, allowing the system "learns" your preferences based on contacts, likes, and dislikes. Users get an everyday top match in harmony with these extremely accurate algorithms. Participants can also search profiles manually or use the carousel option, allowing swipe through countless profiles. 

An abundance of methods to find connections, using behavioral methods of selecting partners, people over 50 can feel confident looking for friends here. Zoosk can boast by a serious anti-harassment policy and allows you to simply block users you don’t like. 


The eHarmony company is very popular for its highly accurate comparability system, and it had to connect many singles over the years. The eHarmony system, designed to build truly strong relationships, asks users to fill out an in-depth questionnaire and base matches on the details that you choose for yourself. Besides, they provide more information than usual, for example, your weight, height, beloved shows, music and even upload personal photos.

eHarmony does not have a classic search function, because their matching system was created to provide you with only the best matches. That is why when members visit the website daily, they automatically go to the page displaying their own more compatible options. Some of the additional features of the website include the ability to call someone online while remaining anonymous, and they also provide identity verification services, which is especially important for the dating industry.

eHarmony is a good website for 50+ looking for like-minded people with similar interests and personal values. As a global website, users can talk to other people from all over the world with easily accessible memberships. eHarmony’s detailed profile matching system is designed for the safety and convenience of over 50 mail order bride and men, so they can immediately start looking for a suitable couple.


With EliteSingles over 50 dating site, where 2,000 new couples appear monthly, new opportunities are blooming every week. This website has been serving more professionals from 35 to 60 and provides a wide range of suitable options so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. Instead of viewing hundreds of profiles, EliteSingles sends users from 3 to 7 possible matches every day based on the results of compatibility tests of the profile.

The registration process is long enough because EliteSingle uses a personal assessment of personality traits. This is based on modern psychology, arguing that similar traits, such as openness, neuroticism, pleasantness, honesty, and extraversion, play a vitally important role in long-term relationships. EliteSingles is a good place to look for a friend, with over 150,000 new subscribers per week.

EliteSingles is unsurpassed for people who are 50+. It inspires users to take on long-term responsibilities. It also inspires other users to take search and connections more seriously than to causal dating websites. With a highly educated user base and detailed matching requirements, EliteSingles is the perfect place for conversations with professional singles.


Senior Match has been working in the online dating over 50 industry since 2001. This is the best dating site for over 50 that addresses the needs of singles over fifty and helps them find a mate by sharing common interests. It is also a good website for meeting friends, travel mates, activity partners, and more. It's almost perfect like Facebook, but for retirees.

The website has a friendly community and various features that are accessible to everyone. All the main things needed to make the search easier and more comfortable for you are available on this website. You will not feel like you are competing with the younger ones since all its participants are in the same age group as you.

Senior Match provides the greatest convenience for people over 50 to freely find their own best game.

Senior Match allows only people over thirty to go through the registration procedure and make an acc. The website painstakingly inspects all the data that you provided during registration. As a result, they can keep the website clean and prevent fraud.

50-Plus Club

50Plus-Club is a comfortable and high-performance dating platform that fully meets the expectations of men and women who are over 50 years old and who are looking for a perfect partner. When you join, you can establish friendships, casual contacts or long-lasting serious relationships. All you need to do is enter some information and add an image to go through the registration process in this exciting network for mature dating.

The website comes with plenty of features. Immediately after you join, you can view several profiles of active singles, which are over 50. This dating site is specially created for singles in the USA. When you sign up for an online resource, you can meet like-minded mature singles in your area.

This dating website has other advanced features that are useful and comfortable. These include a magazine, a forum for 50+ citizens, as well as some interactive and joyful events with real participants. The magazine and forum are a great opportunity to discuss life, friendship, love, recreation, retirement, and the professional world. You can also take part in spiritual conversations, and also use the discussion area.

AARP Dating

AARP is an American nonprofit organization. Their main task is to provide support and opportunities to over 50 people. The organization was founded in 1958 and has become an interesting service for the entire planet. They have over 38 million users and most of them visit dating sites over 50, making AARP one of the best dating sites for women over 50. Naturally, in addition to providing online dating services, they also provide entertainment, travel and healthcare services.

In addition to dating, retirees will also find their hobbies on this website, as AARP is also involved in games, food, facilities, travel, and retirement. Since AARP Dating is not a regular online dating website, there are usually no such fundamental functions as those that you can find on another free online dating over 50 platforms. However, the quality of this online dating website is higher.

One of the reasons why you should choose AARP Dating is that they are equipped with all the necessary resources when it comes to financing, travel, family, and dating. This means that you will receive more than other best dating sites for over 50 can offer.

Another great highlight of AARP Dating is that they offer a money-back guarantee so that you are aware that your funds will not be wasted. This will be guaranteed if you cannot find a match. Plus, their membership fee is also low. So, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

All users can post some dating ideas, which is the unique function of AARP. As soon as someone likes the idea of ​​the date you shared, the website will notify you. This will help you check those profiles and decide whether you want to contact them or not.

SeniorsMeet is a unique and popular online 50+ dating website for retirees only. Some of the main functions of the website include the usual creation of profiles, an automatic comparison service, matching older people over 50, and location service, allowing participants to simply contact other interested persons to form relationships in local regions.

SeniorsMeet has a large number of active users around the world because the search for a perfect match based on geographical location gives a promise of decent performance. Another delightful highlight of the website is that it allows you to search for people with similar interests. If you like to travel, play online games or read books, etc., the website compares your hobbies and interests with other participants and provides improved performance. The website serves 50+ from Canada, the USA, the UK, South America, Australia, and Europe.

In short, SeniorsMeet does all the nuances of online dating for over 50 citizens. Its unique chips allow over 50 members to simply find their perfect soulmate. In general, this is a good place to find a reliable partner or arrange a fine date with someone who has similar interests.

Don’t give up just because you’ve had a few bad dates

If you are faced with disappointment in dating, keep in mind that trying to find a partner is sometimes a pleasant and hassle-free action. You cannot find the love of your own life on the first, second or third date, and this is acceptable. Dating at 50, by all means, is one of the numbers of those things having many ups and downs.

Recognize that you may have to go on a few dates with different people before you find someone you are like. This is acceptable because it is easier to talk than to do, so try not to give up after a few failed dates. Finding a suitable person can take a year or more, but if you are determined, you will find a man or woman.

Leave your baggage at the door

Marriages in adulthood, as a rule, are very strong - people know themselves well, communicate and build relationships. They differ from the young only in that they have a big story behind them, there are no high expectations, they know themselves better and what they want. Most often, 50+ people have already found their place in life, and they don’t need a sponsor or housekeeper. They don’t even need a father or mother for their children, because their children have already grown up. With age, there is more time for yourself and you just need a good person, next to whom it is comfortable and interesting to spend time.

People suffering from a lack of communication are more likely to experience depression, mental disorders and age faster. With age, and especially with retirement, the circle of communication is sharply reduced.

In adulthood, you must be understood, therefore it is so good to have not only friends but also a life partner of the same age group.

Are Online Dating Sites Safe for 50+?

Online dating is just as safe for 50+ citizens as it is for the average person. It can be difficult to know exactly who you are talking with and what his/her real plans are. However, at the moment some websites offer identity verification and they check each profile. As a result, it is fundamentally important to use the best dating sites for over 50 years old with verification.

Be sure to check if any dating website you use has a membership in the Online Dating Association, requiring to protect a users’ privacy, promote good communication, and provide quality support. To ensure security on the Web when using free online dating sites over 50, use these tips to protect yourself from spammers and crooks.

  • If the person matched to you living near you refuses to meet or talk on the phone, be careful. Often these people already have existing relationships and can hide something if they cannot speak or meet with you;

  • Bad grammar. When you don’t want dating someone from another country, check his/her grammar. Pay attention to spelling and grammar when someone reports that he is from your country.

  • Very quick confessing in “Love.” However, love, at first sight, can exist very perfectly, but some people to early pronounce that “L-word”, and then they argue that they were underestimated or deceived. Avoid such personalities. 

  • A request for money support - this is often a sign of crooks expressing their fake love for you, and this is rapidly accompanied by requests for money. At least some, who asks for money online, should be blocked from your profile and informed administrators about this case.

Be attentive to your environment, do not make any movements, forcing you to feel uncomfortable, and trust your instincts by following these tips for online dating.


Sitting at home in front of the TV it is impossible to make new friends at any age. Numerous circles and sections for over 50 citizens help solve the problem of dating for over 50 people. Many libraries offer computer literacy or foreign language courses, regular literary readings, seminars, and masterclasses. 

Do not sit at home, take the opportunity to meet people of your age, to acquire new knowledge and skills. But your main salvation maybe a 50 dating site that requires a minimum of effort and time. Register and start chatting at a minimal cost. Maybe this a moment when you can meet your future husband or wife.